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If there is one thing that has been constant throughout the history of civilization, it’s rugs. They’ve been autonomously produced all around the world since 2500 years ago (sometime out of necessity, sometimes out of vanity) and remain a prerequisite even to this day. From berbers designed by mountainous residents to ornate Persians and rudimentary funeral accessories, rugs have seen many uses over the course of time.

The Arteverk family is well-acquainted with the generous history and evolution of rugs. Because of this, the products that we create and curate are both valuable in aesthetics as well as quality. Two decades of production, manufacturing, and experience in the wholesale market in the USA has led the Arteverk network to grow and understand the needs of people who’re searching for the best rugs – especially the contemporary generation. This is why the company has decided to expand into the direct business-to-customer market.

So, what exactly does Arteverk has to offer and you should buy from us? Let’s take a look:

Legacy & Competitive Advantage

The genre of hand-knotted rugs is rather superfluous – especially when you’re buying from the middle man. Since Artrverk has been in this particular market for a better part of two decades now, our team knows what a hassle that can be for customers. This understanding is an inherent part of the Arteverk legacy and also our competitive advantage.

Now that the next generation has taken over, the company is expanding into the market for direct buying and e-commerce rather than just going through wholesale dealers. Not only does this cut down the cost of the middle man, but also provides a factory-fresh inventory that customers can instantly browse through and buy at their leisure at better rates from the comfort of their homes.


Providing Affordability













Anyone with a basic knowledge of how hand-knotted rugs are made will also know that they are crazy expensive. It takes a lot of time and effort to create a hand-knotted masterpiece, so more often than not, they’re worth the hefty price. But did you know that buying a hand-knotted rug through wholesale retailers can cost you double? This is because of the extra agent costs that the dealer incurs for their benefit.

This is why shopping rugs at Arteverk will be a much more affordable experience for you. By selling hand-knotted rugs directly to consumers, we cut the extra expenses. This basically boils down to the fact that you can now splurge on a hand-knotted rug at 20 times less the price you’ll find anywhere else!


Unbeatable Quality













You should never compromise on one thing while buying a hand-knotted rug: quality. Since most hand-knotted pieces are innately sturdy thanks to their tight weaving, there’s not much to worry about there. However, it can be pretty challenging for the common man to identify an authentic hand-knotted rug. This is where Arteverk promises unbeatable quality and unshakeable faith, because all of rugs are actually finished in the factory. The pile is burned off, washed with chemicals, dried, and stored directly in our Lahore-based factory. We constantly communicate our process via social media with our customers, so you can rest assured of our great quality control as well as authenticity.

As you can see, the Arteverk family is brining you the best of all worlds when it comes to buying hand-knotted rugs. We’ve got quality, affordability, and a two-decade legacy backing us up. Now all you have to do is click on that handy add-to-cart icon to get the best rug shopping experience.

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