Making a perfect hand-knotted rug


Hand-woven floor covering is the perfect choice to experience the life of luxurious quality and enchanting décor. Hand knotted rugs add a tinge of elegance and artwork to your ambiance. The rug-making process goes through several stages of keen work and consistent focus. It requires creativity, craftsmanship and patience to produce a timeless rug. Arteverk’s […]

A Customer Journey

Team Arteverk loves to collaborate with interior design professionals on different projects to fulfill their décor ideas. For this particular Burning Tree project in Bethesda, the designer approached us with revamped design plans for her client’s home where they wanted to take the traditional style interior and turn it into lounge-style, comfortable spaces. The client […]

Decorating with Arteverk’s hand knotted rugs

The journey of hand-knotted rugs dates back to the 4th century B.C. Ancient Persian rugs had intricate patterns and impressive knot counts, making them beautiful as well as durable. Organic floor coverings give a luxurious and elegant feel to every interior setting. Embellishing your home with hand-woven rugs brings color, style and warmth to your […]

How to Pair Rugs with Different Types of Furniture

Both, silk area rugs and furniture are an intrinsic part of interior designing but many homeowners don’t really understand how to pair them with each other. Let’s take a detailed look at how different furniture pieces can be matched with area rugs: With the Sofa You might think you know exactly how to place a […]

Arteverk – Rugs That Will Last You Through Life

If there is one thing that has been constant throughout the history of civilization, it’s rugs. They’ve been autonomously produced all around the world since 2500 years ago (sometime out of necessity, sometimes out of vanity) and remain a prerequisite even to this day. From berbers designed by mountainous residents to ornate Persians and rudimentary […]

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