Ideas for Small Area Rugs: How and Where They Can Be Used?


Small sized area wool rugs are the basics amongst all the finishing touches of our home interior designs. They make our spaces feel complete and ready for use. But what exactly is the size of a “small” area rug? The parameters of this question are wide and totally depend on the dimensions of your space. But in the context of an average American home, a small sized silk area rug can range from 2’x3’, 3’x5’, 4’x6’, 5’x8’, to 6’x9’. Anything larger than 9×12 rugs is considered oversized by default.

Now, setting up a small rugs area in your space is pretty easy, but if you’re searching for some great ideas let’s take a look:

  1. The Angled Approach

A small area wool rug can be used as a lynchpin to anchor the rest of your living room design. You can even make a bold statement by using it in an unconventional way. Instead of furnishing it in a typical and straightforward manner, you can splay the square rugs in a strategically angled orientation. Then, you can alter your living room furniture layout accordingly. You can take a look at this image as an example and inspiration for this technique. The angled orientation of the rugs area has been used to tweak the furniture layout – especially the coffee table and accent chair – which makes the space feel absolutely unique.

  1. Rug on Rug

Rug layering is an interesting way to feature more than one small area rug. The one on top can be more vividly and intricately patterned than the one at the bottom. You can pair together oriental rugs and Persian rugs. The top one should also be more brightly colored than the one of the lower end. Ideally, the bottom knotted rug should be neutral in color and its size should align with the top rug. You’ll also have to leave a 1’ or 1.5’ border gap between the edges of both throw rugs to get the best effect. Placing a coffee table on top of this whole set-up can help ground the design even more.

  1. Enrich the Entryway

Small area beautiful rugs are the perfect way to emulate a cozy, welcoming aura at your entranceways. You can place them in front of your console tables or full-sized mirrors to get the best effect. The design and color of your handmade rug matters a lot here, because it sets the tone for the rest of your home interior design. You can either use neutral colors (however, beware the heavy foot-traffic and incoming muck) or bold vivid hues that accentuate and enhance the quality of your space.

  1. By the Foot of the Bed


The easiest way to use a small area 7ft rug in your bedroom is by splaying it at the foot of your bed. It helps anchor the whole space while adding rich accents. Here’s a pro tip for using this art deco rug layout technique: make sure that one-quarter of the rug is underneath the bed if your rug size is 6’x9’ or larger. If it’s smaller, then simply align the edges of the hand knotted wool rug with the foot of the bed. You can complete the whole look with floor cushions, ottoman seats, and other decorative paraphernalia.

  1. By the Bedside

Another way to enrich the aesthetic of your bedrooms with small silk area rugs is by furnishing them on either side of your bed. This type of a wool rug layout works in either larger bedrooms or rooms where the bed has been deliberately furnished against the wall. The accent rug provides an artful floor covering and also adds a great decorative quality to the overall ambiance of the space. You can even pair it up with contrasting stools, indoor planters, and bean bags to get a wholesome and full visual result.

These are some ways that you can use small sized area kilim rugs in your home interiors. They’re quite a versatile bunch and can easily make your space feel stylish, warm, and colorful at the same time.

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