Making a perfect hand-knotted rug

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Hand-woven floor covering is the perfect choice to experience the life of luxurious quality and enchanting décor. Hand knotted rugs add a tinge of elegance and artwork to your ambiance.

The rug-making process goes through several stages of keen work and consistent focus. It requires creativity, craftsmanship and patience to produce a timeless rug.

Arteverk’s step-by-step process of making hand-knotted rugs is as follows:

hand-knotted rugs
organic colors for the perfect dye

Selection of wool

The journey starts with getting top-quality wool.

Carding, spinning, and cutting

The finest quality fibers are straightened into individual strands, and then spun on a spinning wheel called “Charkha”.


A variety of organic colors are prepared which are used to bring the right colors to the wool.

digital and graphic designing

Digital and graphic designing

A dedicated team of graphic designers creates unique and exceptional designs digitally. These designs determine the beautiful patterns that adorn your home!


Each knot is woven on a wooden frame of the loom by hand to give it a magnificent look. The intricacies of hand knotted rug designs showcase the mastery of the artisans.

hand-knotted rugs
cleaning hand-knotted rugs


Arteverk rugs are carefully washed several times to remove all dust particles left during the rug-making process. Cleaning gives a soft and rich appearance to the rugs.

Zinjiri and kinara rafo

The final step is to give a perfect ending to the rug through Zinjiri and Kinara Rafo. The sides and ends get a final touch by rug binding to reinforce the weaving. Coiled woolen binding is added after the weaving process to strengthen the ends.

In this way, Arteverk converts your living spaces into a dream come true with its timeless art!

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