Hi There!

Team Arteverk is delighted to know that you have taken out time to read how we got into the Rug Life! Our mantra is to provide quality rugs with no compromise on the product standard but at an affordable price that won’t cost a fortune. We understand the love for hand-knotted rugs especially and so are we aware of the unprecedented rise in the prices in the market overall, there for the younger generation thought it would only be fair to go direct Business-to-Customers and save the extra cost.

Initially we were just wholesale dealers based in US but then our boys and girls decided to also retail and sell directly to the customers (We now call Arteverk Family!) saving them from paying double or triple the amount for a rug.

Since over two decades, our legacy has been to provide one-of-a-kind handcrafted rugs with a keen eye for art & aesthetics. We effectively work as wholesale dealers, now also providing direct retailer-ship making handmade rugs affordable for all.