Light & Dark Color Sides

Hand knotted rugs have light and dark color shades. The images from the left side of the rug show its dark tone. The image showing the right side of the rug has the light shade.

You can put the rug in multiple places and make use of the both light and dark sides! It depends on the main view of the room and the color side that matches the room aesthetics.

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Premium VIII

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Mamluk - 10'2" x 13'0"

Originally hailing from Egypt and Damascus, Mamluk rugs feature an exclusive form of art with consistent colors and a distinctive weave layout. These rugs feature Islamic geometry and medallion designs. Our Mamluk rugs are coveted for their fine weave, soft textures and intricate details. The bold color schemes and classic patterns of our Mamluk rugs are the perfect way to make any contemporary space visually dynamic.

Ziegler - 7'8" x 9'7"

$2,369.00 $0.00
Crafted with classic Persian patterns and an addition of modern twist, Ziegler rugs remain eternally in fashion. With bold arabesque scrolls, floral patterns, and intricate borders, these rugs fit perfectly into all interiors, traditional and contemporary. The essence of Ziegler rugs lies in the use of vegetable dyes for muting the colors, preserving their striking pattern and timeless look.

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Expected to ship on 24 May, 2022

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