What Makes Vintage Overdyed Rugs So Special?

Have you ever thought about giving your old square rugs a modern makeover? Well, it’s a pretty popular trend in the wool rugindustry and has resulted in many amazing modern-vintage masterpieces. Known as vintage Overdyed organic cotton rugs, this genre repurposes and upscale old beautiful rugs that had been on the verge of discard, and dyes them into beautiful single-shade hues. Their creating involves a 5-step process that includes: washing, dyeing, rinsing, rinsing, and sun drying. The result is a gorgeous modern-vintage art deco rug with an artfully distressed look.

So, you must be wondering what makes these silk area rugs so special. A lot of things actually, and we’ve listed down a few for your perusal below.

Marriage of Tradition & Modernity

The thing that immediately sets vintage Overdyed handmade rugs apart from the rest of the hand-knotted wool rug genre is that they feature the perfect marriage of tradition and modernity. The classic oriental patterns on the oriental rugs immediately spin the mind towards tradition and heritage, but the overdyeing process makes it equally modern and suitable for contemporary sensibilities. It’s artistic, trendy, and the perfect knotted rug choice for those who neither want a rugs area that’s too traditional nor too modern.


An Eco-friendly Choice

More than anything else, vintage Overdyed Persian rugs are a sustainable choice to furnish your homes with. This is because all Overdyed 9×12 rugs are basically repurposed into newer, more stylish formats. If it weren’t for this technique, these wool rugswould have been ultimately disposed off. But as it turns out, Overdyeing emulates a gorgeous eclectic aura in these timework hand-knotted rugs and breathes new life into them. Moreover, to preserve the integrity and delicacy of the vintage Persian rugs, the dyes used in a good overdyeing process are all natural and derived from nature itself. They’re extremely colorfast and don’t become a liability in the long run.


Stylish & Statement Worthy

Most vintage Overdyed wool rugs feature bold, vivid color schemes with artfully distressed surfaces. This automatically makes them extremely eye-catching, stylish, and statement worthy. Some of the most common colors for Overdyed handmade rugs are sapphire, emerald, rust, rich yellows, and other jewel tones. These colors add to the visual quality of the 7 ft. rug itself, and are a pretty great way to accent simpler, neutral themed, and subdued interior designs. On the other hand, they can also be used to amplify the unique aesthetics of eclectic, shabby-chic, and bohemian style interior designs.

Pro tip: Placement is a very important factor in how your vintage overdyed wool rug comes across. It becomes an inherent centerpiece when placed in the center of a living room. It enhances the furniture when it’s splayed under the dining set. The rugs area adds beautiful accents to the space when you place it at the foot of your bed.


One-Of-A-Kind Pieces

The dyeing process of vintage Overdyed square rugs takes a lot of care and focus. Moreover, the base silk area rugs that are being up scaled are basically hand knotted wool rugs, which means that no two of these are the same. So, taking in account the process and uniqueness of the knotted rug being dyed, it can be said that each vintage Overdyed wool rug is one-of-a-kind. This makes them absolutely special, and adds more qualitative value to their designs.

All of these aspects are what make vintage Overdyed rugs so special. When you invest in an Overdyed piece, you’re not only making a sustainable choice for your rugs area, you’re also investing in a heritage piece that has been up scaled to suit modern sensibilities. It truly is the best of all worlds.

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